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A Day in the Life of…Our Contracts Manager!

We are experts in delivering complete turnkey solutions for the movement and reinstallation of heavy equipment, machinery and other apparatus including technical lifting, project management and electrical support. The day to day running of all of these busy services across our branches requires the help of every single employee! So, we’re inviting various members of the team to take the limelight in our ‘A Day in the Life of…’ series.

Today we are delighted to chat with…Paul Muir, Contracts Manager at our Washington branch!

What is a typical day for Paul?

There is no typical day, every day is different! I split my time between the office, meeting clients and looking at projects.

What does you enjoy most about your role?

The diversity and the client interaction. I enjoy finding new clients, as well as meeting with our regulars, and I enjoy the job satisfaction I get when we have completed a project and know that we have done it well.

What are the biggest challenges you face in the role?

To keep a constant supply chain with new clients.

What do you think the team at Washington can offer to our customers?

Diversity, professionalism and a sense of humour.

Who makes the best brew at Washington depot?

Heather…black with no sugar, please!

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