Case Studies

Whether a project is a single machine move or a factory relocation complete with CDM, they are all unique and all have a degree of risk. Over the years we have collated various case studies and testimonials from our clients.

Discover what our clients have said about our services in their case studies and testimonials and get in touch to learn more.

De La Rue

Printing Line Offload & Installation


The customer is a specialist in printing bank notes and credit cards, operating in a secure environment and delivering projects to mission critical deadlines.

Customer Requirements

The project involved the installation of a new Bobst printing line for printing the holograms found on credit cards. The new line includes seven presses and all ancillary equipment, such as dryers, heaters and walkways, at an existing facility in the North West of England.

Bobst’s technicians attended the site from Italy to mark the floor ready for installation of the new equipment and the customer installed the rails for the presses.

When the equipment arrived on site, AIS Vanguard’s remit was to offload a total of 34 vehicles, with a schedule that involved offloading four vehicles per day. One of the challenging aspects of the project was managing uncertainty due to transport and custom delays in order to keep the project on schedule, despite fluctuations in the number of vehicles arriving each day and the non-sequential arrival of equipment.

Once each consignment had been offloaded, the AIS Vanguard team was responsible for de-crating the equipment and transferring it into the customer’s factory, ensuring it was placed into the correct position and bolted into place so that Bobst’s engineers could connect and commission each machine. The total height of the press lines is 10m and the project involved working at height from scissor lifts and cherry pickers to position the dryers above the presses.

The AIS Vanguard team was also responsible for assisting Bobst’s engineers with the installation, overcoming language barriers to work collaboratively with the OEM’s team.

AIS Vanguard provided a detailed method statement and critical path to aid smooth delivery of the project aligned to the customer’s operational requirements. This included measuring doors to assess accessibility and selecting lifting equipment that would enable the printing line components to be brought into the factory without any modifications to the building, thereby reducing cost and disruption.

The project was completed over a four-week period and was delivered so successfully that the customer has already commissioned AIS Vanguard to carry out another project, which involves offloading another machine and lifting it into position on a mezzanine floor.

De La Rue

Michelin Tyres

This project included the removal of equipment including ducting, conveyors and structural steelwork and M&E plant.

Working closely with the client, our team carried out the electrical and mechanical disconnections to enable removal of the redundant plant and equipment in sections using a Valla crane, while ensuring critical services remained operational.

Harbin Goodtime & Ford

Ford’s asset division handles procurement and disposal of equipment, from individual assets to full plants. The assets at Ford’s Dagenham plant were sold to Chinese manufacturer, Harbin Goodtime, and, working as the principal CDM contractor for Harbin Goodtime, we delivered a £4.2m full plant disposal project.

The project involved the removal of 83 heavy blanking & forming presses, supporting floor steelwork and all overhead cranes. It also included, removal of all tool room machinery, removal of all assembly cells, including robotics and tooling, removal of sub-assembly and export of the assets to China. The AIS Vanguard team also removed and disposed of any redundant supporting equipment, structural components and incidentals, to clear the buildings to a standard, unspecified at tender, that could meet with Ford’s approval.

The ten-month decommissioning and removal of Ford’s entire stamping and tooling operations is the largest decommissioning project ever carried out at a Ford facility.

Spirit Aerosystems

Working within a tight and mission-critical four-day project window, we carried out an Airbus Gantry Crane relocation project, involving removal, relocation, re-installation and commissioning.

The five-person team used a 40f mobile crane and jacking system to carry out the project, working out of hours and over a weekend to get the job done safely and on-time.

Airbus Gantry Crane Relocation

Sympathetic Removal, Relocation, Re-installation & Commissioning

5 Man Team (Riggers / Lift Supervisor / Fitter / Non Working Supervisor)

40t Mobile Crane; Jacking System

On-time in full – extremely tight working window (24hr weekend working)

Zero accidents

Rolls Royce Marine

This project involved installation of multiple precision engineering machines, including offloading, installation, services and containments and commissioning.

The AIS Vanguard team was given full security clearance to work independently on site with a team that included a project manager, mechanical and electrical engineers, pipefitters and welders. The project was completed safely and on time with zero incidents.


We have carried out three projects at Toyota’s production plant in France including on the assembly lines and robot cells.

We used the learning from our previous project at Toyota’s Derby plant to plan the projects, which, at their peak, involved the deployment of up to 72 skilled operatives on site, including a site manager, a safety co-ordinator, riggers, fitters, pipefitters and electricians.

Each project involved offloading, laydown and ingress of equipment, installation, mechanical and electrical services and commissioning. All work was carried out with zero incidents.


We carried out a bagging line installation for this global leader in molten metal flow engineering at the company’s plant in Poland.

Our responsibilities included offloading equipment delivered by the OEM and designing and implementing a solution for ingress of the asset into the building, positioning on the factory floor, mechanical and electrical engineering, and build and installation.

Our 15-person team combined the resources of AIS Vanguard and AIS Eurelo to install the equipment safely to comply with the OEM’s certification requirements with zero incidents.

NEC Nightingale Hospital, Birmingham

“Neil and his team were instrumental to the build over at the NEC to deliver the Nightingale hospital and nothing was too much for them, helping in anyway they could.”

“From building the furniture and transferring it to the individual wards to helping at a moments notice getting bathroom pods in place using lift and shift equipment. The positive can do attitude that Neil, Jon and the lads had were second to none and even when we received the news that the beds were going to be late and I needed the lads to work a double shift, not only did they say yes but they absolutely smashed it.”

“I literally can’t tell you just how nice it was to work with such a great team that you have and although it may seem a little weird, it was a shame for the build to end, although very grateful that many more beds weren’t needed.”

Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“We would not have been able to successfully complete this project and open the ward on schedule, without AIS Vanguard’s extraordinary commitment and effort in assisting with the equipment transfer.”

“Bryn Ward will be a huge asset to the Wigan Borough in helping us care for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring we have the extra capacity we need to help our amazing and dedicated staff treat patients with COVID-19, safely and effectively;”

“Once again, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of this project being delivered on time and to achieve this is nothing short of remarkable.”

Technical Lift at the Stanley Lift Bridge in Tameside

After the success of a swing bridge lift in Skipton, West Yorkshire, Universal Coatings and Kier Construction enlisted the help of AIS Vanguard again to assist with a similar project.

This project was to remove the Stanley Lift Bridge on the High Peak canal in Dukinfield, Tameside.

The 4 tonne bridge, along with the lifting frames which had been in place for over 35 years, were being removed for a full refurbishment and repaint.

Although this was a relatively small lift for AIS Vanguard, there were still a number of challenges to overcome, including the confined space for the lift and the gas pipe that crossed the canal next to the bridge.

The first task was to remove the lifting frame from above the bridge, which then allowed more space for the bridge to be lifted over the gas pipe and onto the waiting transport, along with the frames.

The AIS Vanguard team then assisted with the lifting and positioning of a temporary bridge over the canal, which was to be used by the local residents until the re-installation of the permanent bridge, following its refurbishment approximately two weeks later.

Ainscough Industrial Assists With Concrete Kerb Packing Line Relocation

The client, Aggregate Industries quarries, manufactures and supplies a wide range of heavy building materials to the construction industry.

The three-week project required the AIS Vanguard team to completely match mark the packing line, followed by the complete dismantling of all mechanical and electrical assets ready for loading onto vehicles and transportation to the new location.

On arrival at the new location, the team then needed to offload the packing line and completely rebuild then align, and level and finally carry out commissioning to ensure everything was running as it should.

Because of the complex nature of this relocation, it was vital that every aspect of the project was meticulously planned to ensure a smooth transition to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Aggregate Industries’ Project Manager, Mark Smedley, kindly commented:

“The AIS Vanguard team was a pleasure to work with on this project, with their professional attitude, methodical and diligent work practices everything was completed within the allocated time frame, and I look forward to working with the AIS Vanguard team on any future projects that we have.”

Turnkey Removal And Installation For A Paper Mill

Working for Terex, AIS Vanguard provided turnkey removal and installation of a 160-tonne Overhead Gantry Crane at Palm Paper; a paper mill based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

The mill manufactures 450,000 tonnes of newsprint per year from recovered newspapers and magazines, supplying many of the UK’s regional and national newspaper publishers. It also produces a variety of other paper types for coldset, heatset and litho printing processes

Due to the access required, the first stage of the operation was to remove sections of the roof of the mill with the use of both tower and mobile cranes and support vehicles.

On completion of this two-day procedure, the AIS Vanguard team was able to decommission and lift the old gantry crane, which measured over 30 meters, out through the gap in the roof and onto transportation to be taken away.

The next part of the task was to lift the new gantry crane in through the roof and lower it to its final position, ready for the installation process and commissioning.

Finally, the sections of the roof were replaced. We were able to complete the entire project in less than five days, which was quicker than the programmed schedule.

Due to the size, weight and the unusual entry and exit for the gantry cranes, it was vital that all aspects of this project were in order, including method statements and health and safety procedures. We made sure that all of these documents were meticulously planned and adhered to throughout the project, ensuring smooth completion.

This resulted in us finishing the lift project ahead of schedule, with minimal risk and to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Complicated Lift Completed By Ainscough Industrial

AIS Vanguard was contracted by a well-known cider maker to assist with a complex machinery lift and installation.

AIS Vanguard was brought in to assist with the positioning and installation of eighteen new fermentation vessels at a production facility in Weston-Super-Mare.

The project consisted of three phases, which were completed over a five-week period. Each phase involved the lifting and positioning of six of the fermentation vessels, which were 14.5 meters high and had a weight of 8.5 tonnes, into the facility over a two-day period.

The first stage for the AIS Vanguard team was to remove a 1.5 tonne section of the roof of the facility. Then, using two cranes, the vessels were lifted using a “top & tail” technique, which enabled the vessels to be lifted through the roof space in a vertical position and lowered down onto the pallet shoes. This then enabled the vessels to be skated into the correct position within the facility.

Once the first six vessels were safely positioned, the AIS Vanguard team replaced the section of roof until the second phase commenced.

On completion of the first phase, the client commented on how pleased he was with the AIS Vanguard team, especially considering the terrible weather conditions the team were faced with over the two days.

We specialise in custom lifting solutions, with a range of equipment that allows us to tailor a solution to your specific needs and take into account any site limitations.

Statue Relocation for Manchester Museum

Following the relocation of the Rapa Nui (Easter Island) statue to Manchester Museum in 2015, AIS Vanguard was called in again to assist with the removal of the same statue due to major a refurbishment programme, which was due to start at the museum.

On arrival at the museum, the AIS Vanguard team first had to move the 3 tonne “Moari Hava” statue and plinth from its original position between two concrete columns.

This was done by using four skates, which enabled the team to move the statue approximately four feet forwards into a clear area where a lifting gantry could be erected, so that the statue could be lifted, allowing the plinth to be removed and turned through 90 degrees.

The statue was then lowered back onto the skates, ready to be manipulated through the museum doors and out to the outdoor foyer area where it was to be packed and boxed up for the journey back to the British Museum in London to be prepared for display at the Royal Academy.

The AIS Vanguard team were required to work diligently and methodically as, even with the museum doors and frames removed, there was less than 10mm clearance from the top of the statue and, with a conservative value of close to £9m, the statue required the utmost care throughout the project.

Once the statue was carefully packed and boxed up by the British Museum representatives, the AIS Vanguard team used a tele-handler to lift and secure it onto the back of a low loader, ready for the journey south.

On completion of the project, Manchester Museum’s Sam Beath commented on how pleased she was on how smoothly the project went and also how quickly the AIS Vanguard team managed to complete the job, enabling the museum to open as normal without any disruption.

AIS Vanguard Successfully Completes Large Press Relocation

AIS Vanguard were contracted to assist with the relocation of a large hydraulic press to a new location on the same site for one of our major blue chip clients.

The first phase of the project involved match making, disconnection and dismantling of the press, which took approximately two weeks.

Once the press had been disassembled, all the sections and ancillary items were loaded onto transport, provided by AIS Vanguard, and conveyed to the new location within the same site.

Due to the size, position and restrictions of the press, the AIS Vanguard team used our Megalift JS400 jacking system, along with a 40/60 Versa Lift, 11T Valla crane and fork lift trucks, to ensure all sections were moved safely and securely.

As the press sections were off loaded in the new area, the OEM engineers carried out hydraulic upgrade works on each of the sections.

Once these works were completed, the AIS Vanguard team started work on the second phase of re-assembly and reconnection of the hydraulic press on its new foundations to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Automotive Project for KUKA Systems

AIS Vanguard provided match-marking, dismantling, loading and transporting, offloading, positioning and fixing, followed by electrical and mechanical installation of a five-zone cell built by Kuka, Halesowen for the production of automobile components by Magna Automotive in Sunderland.

With 15 to 20 staff working on site – from project managers and foreman to electricians, fitters, welders and rigging personnel – the team utilised equipment including forklift trucks and Valla cranes, working efficiently to complete the project to exacting standards and achieving the desired outcome in line with the client’s expectations.

Client Testimonials

Take a look at some of the great feedback we have received from some of our clients…

“We have used you on a couple of jobs and have a couple of orders with you currently and we feel you are a safe pair of hands to do this type of work.”

Carbolite Gero Limited

“We have built up a great working relationship over the years with the office staff as well as the onsite teams who all fully understand our needs and demands work to the highest safety and professional standards at all times. I am very happy with Ainscough (AIS) and will continue to use them in the future.”

Castle Precision Engineering

“As always the works were executed onsite within the set timeframes in a professional manner as always.I would also like to take the time to thanks the back office, Warren, Caroline & Lynn who’s efforts often go un-noticed.

Keep up the good work!”

GEA Refrigeration UK Ltd

“The whole process went very smoothly with no issues and quick reactions to changing time frames.”

McLaren Automotive Limited

“Another good job from Ainscough, I would certainly reuse and recommend.”

Reach Shared Services Limited

“Excellent service and experienced staff.”

Toyota Material Handling UK Limited