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Accelerating Your Business with a Factory Relocation

We’re proud to be on the UK’s leading factory relocation specialists. Both our full turnkey and singular services are led by our highly skilled experienced team who ensure professionalism and a smooth transition during all factory relocation projects.

Changes within manufacturing demand may result in the need to completely relocate your business. We realise factory relocations can cause significant disruption to production timescales and overall output, but for factory relocations, we can confidently say the benefits outweigh the risks.

We explore how a successful factory relocation could help you accelerate your business.

More Capacity

Relocating your business to a larger facility provides you with more room to increase production and overall output. By doing this, your company will be better placed to ensure you can keep up with growing consumer demands across the market.

This is something we were proud to help Aggregate Industries Quarries with.

Closer to Your Supply Chain

It’s important to always think of every eventuality when it comes to your operations. Considering whether it would be more beneficial to be closer to your customers and have a wider supply chain is always a great place to start.

By having a closer proximity to both your customers and supply chain, you’ll help improve your overall service for customers, significantly reduce load times on products and services and save significantly save on transportation, distribution and storage costs.

All of these factors could essentially provide your company with an edge on your competitors.

Improved Infrastructure

Relocating to a factory or location may put you closer to better transport networks links, including motorways, regional and national hubs and rail depots too. Ensuring you’re within reach for customers and suppliers will only help increase output for your company.

Factory Relocation Ready

A factory relocation is a big undertaking and needs to be considered carefully to ensure the most efficient way to relocate without compromising production and output.

Talk to us about how we can help relocate your operations today to help accelerate your business. Call 01257 411111 or fill out our Contact Form and we’ll be in touch.

Industrial Services Petrochemicals

Working in the Petrochemical Industry

Working in the petrochemical industry requires specialist knowledge. AIS Vanguard is proud to operate in a variety of industries offering multiple complex services including heavy machinery installation, relocation removal and both mechanical and electrical engineering.

We have over 40 years of experience providing specialist support to the petrochemical industry, learn more about our operations within the industry.

Challenges Faced in the Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical companies operating today face multiple challenges, including environmental regulations, changing commodity prices and fluctuating levels of demand on the global market.

With these challenges being faced every day, profitability is a consistent pressure for businesses working in petrochemicals.

How AIS Vanguard can Help

Our longstanding experience in the petrochemical industry means we’re primed to effectively support refineries and chemical plant operators to control budgets with projects including installations, turnaround or shutdowns, expansions or relocations.

During the course of any project, we maintain a close relationship with clients to help us better understand the changes and constraints of every phase of the project so that everything is carried out with the highest health and safety possible whilst maximising efficiency and minimising downtime.

BIP Oldbury Ltd

One of our success stories from within the petrochemical industry is BIP Oldbury Ltd where we successfully dismantled various pieces of equipment for them over the scale of 3 different floors.

We dismantled the various pieces of equipment over 3 floors, supplied the Open Top and General Purpose Containers and Loaded equipment to these containers for onward Land / Sea transportation to Istanbul, Turkey.

During this project, we dismantled as required and successfully removed 2 x 4m W x 3m H windows and brickwork whilst erecting 2 x 10t load bearing scaffold platforms to cover the 1st and 2nd floor.

Get In Touch

Whether you require a full turnkey solution for your petrochemical company or a singular service, with over 40-years of first hand experience, AIS Vanguard can help.

Get in touch with our Project Managers on 01257 411111 or alternatively, fill out our Contact Form and we’ll get back to you.

Industrial Services Machinery Relocation Machinery Removal

Heavy Machinery Removal – An Overview

Here at AIS Vanguard, we realise that heavy machinery removal can cause major disruption to overall productivity and output for a business.

Our reputation has been built on reliability, quality and safety within the industrial sector and we’re proud to be recognised as one of the UK’s leading companies for heavy machinery removal. Prior to a project being undertaken, our clients like to know what’s going to happen and when; we’re providing a brief overview of what happens during a project.

Planning for Heavy Machinery Removal  

Prior to any work being undertaken, our Project Manager’s will speak to clients to fully understand the nature of the removal and what needs to be removed and why. Once everything has been communicated, an effective plan of action is created and shared with clients so everyone involved is fully aware of how the project will run.


When the plan has been agreed between AIS Vanguard and the client, our team then head onto site and start by safely decommissioning any machinery that has been allocated to be removed or relocated.

After safely decommissioning the machinery, we’ll help our clients to remove the machinery should they need assistance and ensure it is moved with the highest health and safety protocols in place.

Health and Safety Importance

Heavy machinery removal is a big task that requires all hands-on deck for everyone involved, however, health and safety is a priority for everyone here at AIS Vanguard and we pride ourselves on implementing the highest H&S standards into every job we undertake.

Our exceptional health and safety standards has recently just led to us achieving our 3rd consecutive Gold RoSPA Award.

Get In Touch

To learn more about our heavy machinery removal services, get in touch with the AIS Vanguard team on 01257 411111, or alternatively fill out our Contact Form and we’ll be in touch.