At AIS Vanguard, we are the industrial machinery movers that can complete challenging lifts using a range of lifting equipment and techniques. Whether it’s hoisting, jacking or skating, our team of industrial machinery movers will provide the right lifting equipment and expertise for your project.

When it comes to moving machinery or relocating part of a plant, traditional lifting solutions can often fall short, due to confined working spaces or restricted floor loadings, which may limit the types of lifting equipment that can be used for the project.

When access is difficult, a unique lifting method is required to adapt to the problem. As an industrial moving company, we can call upon our wide range of lifting equipment, including our ‘Megalift’ Jacking Systems, which provide an innovative, cost-effective solution for lifting heavy machinery or plant.

Our specialist hydraulic gantry system lifting equipment allows safe load raising, lowering, turning, tilting and traversing, without the additional costs of dismantling roofs or steelwork. With almost an infinite range of configurations, our ‘Megalift’ lifting equipment can be used to solve even the most unusual heavy lifting problems.

Heavy Machinery Lifting
Complex Heavy Lifting

Whether you are installing, removing, constructing, dismantling, extracting, refitting, supporting or moving machinery or equipment, our experienced industrial machinery movers can set up our lifting equipment under, over, around or adjacent to the load.

All ‘Megalift’ Jacking systems have hydraulic rams, and our JS450 and JS130 lifting equipment has safety cam lock offs. The JS40, JS100, JS400 A&B and JS1000 all have non-return valves to ensure complete stability and safety whilst lifting a load.

In addition, the ‘Megalift’ JS1000, JS400 A&B and JS 100 lifting equipment can be run on either diesel or gas, with the JS450 & JS130 able to run on gas only.

Megalift can lift up to 1,000 tonnes, so there really is no job too large for our hydraulic gantry ‘Megalift’ lifting equipment.

We are the industrial moving company that can carry out lifting projects as part of a full mechanical & electrical installation, or as a pure lifting operation.

If you require further information on our range of ‘Megalift’ Jacking Systems or any of our lifting equipment, please contact our Heavy Lifting Engineering Team today.

Client Testimonials

Take a look at some of the great feedback we have received from some of our clients…

“We have used you on a couple of jobs and have a couple of orders with you currently and we feel you are a safe pair of hands to do this type of work.”

Carbolite Gero Limited

“We have built up a great working relationship over the years with the office staff as well as the onsite teams who all fully understand our needs and demands work to the highest safety and professional standards at all times. I am very happy with Ainscough (AIS) and will continue to use them in the future.”

Castle Precision Engineering

“As always the works were executed onsite within the set timeframes in a professional manner as always.I would also like to take the time to thanks the back office, Warren, Caroline & Lynn who’s efforts often go un-noticed.

Keep up the good work!”

GEA Refrigeration UK Ltd

“The whole process went very smoothly with no issues and quick reactions to changing time frames.”

McLaren Automotive Limited

“Another good job from Ainscough, I would certainly reuse and recommend.”

Reach Shared Services Limited

“Excellent service and experienced staff.”

Toyota Material Handling UK Limited

Why should you choose AIS Vanguard?

We are an industrial moving company that is well known for our abilities to deliver complex and heavy machinery lifting projects and for the variety of lifting equipment in our fleet. As industrial machinery movers, we are also known for our high standards when it comes to health and safety. We always offer excellent training to our staff and we adhere to strict procedures, so you can rest assured that we are the industrial moving company you can trust and all of our operations will be carried out in a professional manner.

Our experienced team will assist you with all stages of your complex lift, including selection of the right lifting equipment for the job. We are recognised as one of the leading industrial machinery movers in the UK.