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AIS Vanguard is one of the UK’s leading providers of factory relocation, machinery relocation and machinery installation. Our full turnkey service, led by our highly skilled and experienced team, ensures we maintain a professional and smooth transition during relocation projects – even when production needs to be continued during the process.

Changes in manufacturing demand can result in the need to relocate heavy machinery as part of a partial or complete factory relocation.

We understand that factory removal and relocation can cause a major disruption to production timescales. At AIS Vanguard our team of skilled engineers ensure our projects are accurately planned; providing our clients with a detailed scope of works demonstrating how each phase of the project will progress as well as estimated timescales and projects particulars such as estimated downtime. At AIS Vanguard we understand lost time results in less output and will operate out of hours and across weekends where required to ensure each phases’ deadline is met and to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

Our Project Manager will be supported by a fully trained engineering team which is made up of SSSTS trained foremen, riggers, HGV Class 1 & 2 drivers, crane operators and electrical & mechanical engineering specialists. AIS Vanguard also employs a team fully certified slinger signalers, banks-men and appointed persons to provide competent supervision when carrying out the moving and lifting of heavy machinery and equipment.


New and prospective clients often ask, “What do I need to consider when planning this factory relocation?”, so we’ve written up the key things that we consider before tackling a factory relocation project.

What You Need To Consider During a Factory Relocation


A factory relocation of any scale needs careful planning from start to finish. Consider your timescales and the phases the project will need to happen in – our talented project managers and experienced specialists are here to do this for you. Don’t forget to consider your staff and business needs – does production need to continue or can it be halted for the duration of the project? The planning phase is also the best time to begin considering the challenged and risks involved in the project.


With a factory relocation project, good and thorough communication is paramount. There will be many teams within your business that need to be involved including HR, health and safety, quality control and any operational control professionals. The changes being made will also need communicating to all wider teams in your business as a relocation often impacts everyone within the company, from top to bottom.

What is being relocated? 

You will know what needs relocating and where it needs to be relocated to, but it’s not quite that straightforward! That’s where AIS Vanguard steps in. The factory relocation will require a detailed floorplan that covers equipment quantities, equipment identification, sizes and weights, locations of all utilities on the premises (the start and end premises) and any potential obstacles or challenges. These include overhead equipment, structures or cables and any aisles, pits or trenches to navigate.

Update your asset register

Complex projects such as relocations are the perfect time to update your asset register. This gives you peace of mind but also helps the AIS Vanguard team to complete a seamless factory relocation that ticks all of the boxes. Check the condition of all equipment prior to the project and tag every piece with some method of identification, ensuring it matches your asset register. Once this is done, add in as much detail as possible about the condition of the equipment and any requirements for the handling of it.

Operations and Commitments 

A factory relocation can have a huge impact on your day to day operations and your commitments to clients. Be sure to plan ahead and set expectations around potential delays and predicted lead-times to avoid conflict by updating your supply chain on your planned relocation.

AIS Vanguards dedicated project managers will be on hand to offer advice and suggestions to ensure the project is completed with efficiency and places as few constraints as possible on your business. Every major relocation comes with unique challenges but with over forty years’ experience, we have the skills and expertise to ensure the move is carried out efficiently and safely, ensuring your business can transition without any snags.

Our full turnkey service offering includes:

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Health and safety documents including; method statement, risk assessments, lift plans, personnel training records and equipment certs
  • Regular site visits to assess project requirements
  • CDM/health and safety management
  • Disconnection of services and dismantling of machinery
  • Match marking
  • Machinery loading to transport
  • Storage (where required)
  • Machine transportation
  • Floor preparation including core drilling
  • Offloading and positioning
  • Aligning and levelling
  • Reconnection of main services
  • Export, packing and shipping services

AIS Vanguard is the perfect choice for any heavy machine removal or relocation; whether it’s a single machine removal or an entire factory relocation, we are happy to help.

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