Across all our depots, we have a varied fleet of lifting equipment, including a hydraulic jack system to suit any requirement. This ensures we can work around any access restrictions or operational requirements. The right hydraulic gantry system is selected by our experienced team to ideally suit your project requirements.

Our Megalift hydraulic jack system assets can lift up to 1,000 tonnes, offering you hydraulic gantry capabilities you can trust us, no matter how heavy your equipment may be.

How our Megalift Hydraulic Gantry System fleet can help you

Using a hydraulic jack system allows us to lift heavy loads without the use of cranes because the hydraulic gantry uses the force created by the pressure in the system’s cylinder chamber.

Deploying our hydraulic gantry lifting equipment can be particularly useful if the lift site is congested or access is limited, enabling us to overcome the challenges of the most complex and unusual heavy lift projects.

Hydraulic Gantry Systems

The benefits of our Megalift Hydraulic Gantry System range

The variety within our specialist Megalift hydraulic gantry system range allows safe load raising, lowering, turning, tilting and traversing, regardless of the size, shape or weight of your equipment. Using a hydraulic jack system can often avoid the additional costs of dismantling roofs or steelwork. We can configure the right Megalift hydraulic gantry system for the job to meet practically any heavy lifting challenge or overcome the restrictions of any industrial environment.

By using a hydraulic gantry system, we can make your project safer, less complex, faster and more cost-effective.

A varied Hydraulic Gantry System fleet to meet your needs

You can rely on us to have the right hydraulic jack system to meet the needs of your site, your project and your heavy machinery.

  • Every model in our Megalift hydraulic gantry system fleet has hydraulic rams
  • Our JS450 and JS130 Megalift hydraulic jack system models have safety cam lock offs
  • Our JS40, JS100, JS400 A&B and JS1000 hydraulic jack system assets have non-return valves to ensure complete stability and safety whilst lifting a load.
  • Our Megalift JS1000, JS400 A&B and JS 100 hydraulic jack system models can be run on either diesel or gas
  • Our Megalift JS450 & JS130 hydraulic jack system options run on gas only.