When access is difficult or surrounding equipment needs to remain operational, we often use jacking and skating techniques, leveraging the varied jacking systems within our fleet of lifting equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Our jacking systems enable us to lift your machine or piece of equipment from its existing location and reposition it within your facility or onto a vehicle for transportation. Our jacking and skating expertise offers you innovative, cost-effective and safety-focused solutions for heavy machinery moves.

Jacking systems can be particularly useful if access to the lift site is restricted, or the area around the asset is congested. By jacking and skating the machine rather than deploying a crane, we can minimise disruption and reduce the risk of downtime.

Our specialist Megalift jacking systems

We have invested in a varied fleet of specialist Megalift jacking systems that allow us to tackle any jacking and skating challenge. Our Megalift jacking systems allow safe raising, lowering, turning, tilting and traversing of the load, enabling us to use jacking and skating techniques to overcome even the most unusual of heavy machinery lifting challenges.

Our Megalift jacking systems allow us to lift up to 1,000 tonnes and our experts will select the right jacking and skating equipment and techniques to meet the safety requirements and specific challenges of your project. Our Megalift JS450 and JS130 jacking systems have safety cam lock offs, while our Megalift JS40, JS100, JS400 A&B and JS1000 equipment features non-return valves to ensure complete stability and safety during the lifting operation, and our Megalift JS1000, JS400 A&B and JS 100 jacking systems offer the flexibility of running on either diesel or gas.

Whatever your jacking and skating requirements, we have the equipment and expertise to help.

Megalift Jacking System