Our expert scrap machinery removal team has wide ranging experience of removing redundant assets, both as part of a wider factory decommissioning process and for individual scrap machinery removal requirements.

If you have multiple assets to dispose of as part of a factory decommissioning requirement, we will work with you to plan and risk assess the scrap machinery removal project, carrying out a phased scrap machinery removal programme aligned to your inventory. Where required, we can combine scrap machinery removal with machinery relocation.

Need to know more about what to consider for scrap machinery removal? Speak to our experienced team.

Our scrap machinery removal services for factory decommissioning include:

  • Project risk assessment and method statement
  • Phasing of decommissioning and scrap machinery removal
  • Electrical and mechanical services disconnections
  • Separation of scrap machinery for removal and items suitable for re-use/sale
  • Dismantling of redundant equipment prior to scrap machinery removal
  • Any building modification requirements for egress, including full CDM
  • Lifting of scrap items
  • Uploading of redundant assets to transport ready for scrap machinery removal
  • Transport to scrap/recycling
  • Full scrap machinery removal paperwork and compliance

We can also provide specialist scrap machinery removal services for equipment that is in a live facility which needs to remain operational. Our experienced team includes mechanical and electrical engineers who will divert services and decommission the asset prior to scrap machinery removal. Our varied fleet of lifting equipment means that we can manage scrap machinery removal projects in a live facility even where space and egress restrictions create complex lift challenges.