Food and Beverage

AIS Vanguard has years of experience providing mechanical engineering support to the food and beverage sector, giving it a deep understanding of the specific hygiene standards and health and safety requirements that are crucial in those settings.

This leaves our team perfectly positioned to handle integrated turnkey projects including factory expansions, relocations, installations, machine moving and replacement or relocation of production lines.

Our experienced, specialist engineers have now developed insider knowledge of food safety, EC and EU legislation and the intricacies of providing engineering support to the food and beverage sector – such as material selection and use of food safe lubricants.

AIS Vanguard is no stranger to audit standards and the requirements of BRC7. Our comprehensive, tailored engineering solutions for machinery moving are flexible to support the needs of food and beverage companies, causing minimal disruption and working around production schedules, shutdowns and shift patterns. AIS Vanguard’s project managers meticulously plan and execute all projects within the best interests of the client; out of hours or weekend support to ensure minimal downtime is always an option for clients.

How We Helped Nestlé

Our team were contacted by Cereal Partners UK (Nestlé) to assist in the complete removal and installation of a new CHP Engine, Motor and Gearbox.

We first lifted the new 5.5 tonne Gas Turbine Engine and Gearbox out of the transport crate and the engine placed onto its skid, which the manufacturer uses to install it into the machine.

The more difficult part of the job was lifting the gearbox in and out of the machine as the Gearbox weighed 2000kg and was 1.5 metres inside the machine. Using our specialist equipment and highly skilled team, this was completed without any problems.


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