AIS Vanguard has over 40 years of experience providing mechanical engineering support to industry, with specialist experience in serving the Pharmaceutical sector.

Our mechanical services can assist in a range of ways from the movement of single machinery tools to maintenance, dismantling, relocation, reinstallation or complete replacement to manufacturing equipment thanks to our specialist lifting equipment. We can complete complex lifts in problematic areas such as confined spaces or premises struggling with limited access, restricted floor bearings and overhead obstructions allowing production of specialist equipment to continue without delay.

All employees are aware of the stringent requirements that need to be followed regarding protective clothing. They understand the strict hygiene standards required across the industry, working in both ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ areas wearing the appropriate PPE depending on low or high care areas and the protection specification issued by our clients.

How We Help the Pharmaceutical Industry

Our team were recently engaged by a Pharmaceutical company to help with the relocation of maunfacturing cells between 2 areas of factory, including integral electrical and mechanical dismantling and reassembly.

Our team utilised our jack machine moving skates, low bearing scaffold platform, mobile cranes and multiple transport options too, to ensure the job was completed safely and in a timely manner.


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