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Start The New Year Right. Get Your Health & Safety In Order

Our Health & Safety Performance last year was amongst the best in the industry, however we cannot become complacent and are always looking for ways to further improve and reduce accidents and incidents.

Our aim this year will see many new initiatives and campaigns aimed at continual improvement of our Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental systems and Compliance.

One of which that has been recently introduced is our “Five Star Point of Works Risk Assessment”

What is it?

A systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a work activity before the work is started.


Despite Ainscough Industrial having detailed and thorough risk assessments and method statements for all work activities, things can and do change unexpectedly on site.

What are the risks?

There may be unsafe conditions, for example site barriers being removed or unsafe acts including not wearing the required PPE by people beyond our direct control, which if they are not eliminated or controlled they could lead to harm or loss.

By undertaking our simple “Five Star Point of Works” daily, before the work starts or when any significant change has occurred we are able to minimize the risks on site.

The Ainscough Industrial “Five Star Point of Works” risk assessment form has been designed to provide an easy and swift means of identifying hazards, assessing the risks and recording any corrective actions taken.

A ‘traffic light’ (STOP, ASSESS, ENGAGE) approach leaves little room for misinterpretation and therefore, provided employees follow the simple procedure and make accurate observations of the working environment, harm or loss may be averted before we start the working process.

The photograph above shows the Five Star Point of Works booklets/questionnaire which every Ainscough Industrial site supervisor will is required to fill in before any site works can begin.

We have designed this system to work quickly and efficiently to deliver safe and quality results on site. If you have any questions about our health and safety processes contact our team online or contact your project manager directly.