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The Future of Automation in Manufacturing

There is a lot of buzz around automation and robotics lately as technologies advance and industry advancements call for faster, more efficient and more flexible ways of working. We thoroughly enjoyed this piece by McKinsey & Company (read it here) as it eloquently sums up the need for companies to keep up by making the most of these changes rather than fearing them. There are multiple things to consider before joining the movement and McKinsey does an excellent job of succinctly explaining that.

Our CEO Matt Ainscough, after reading the piece, adds “The market for the installation & removal of machinery should thrive in the coming decade driven by factors including the movement to more automated machinery. AIS already installs a large amount of robotic equipment throughout the UK and Europe for major clients in certain production environments where the use of this technology has been in place for some time, such as automotive manufacture. As these machines become more sophisticated and affordable, manufacturers across other industries will follow suit to meet levels of efficiency dictated by international market forces.”

For Ainscough Industrial Services, these advancements are very promising – for all of our divisions – and we look forward to helping more companies and manufacturers make the move towards automation and robotics using our vast expertise and highly specialist equipment. If you would like to speak to an expert about automation, robotics or machine moving (or any service for that matter) you can use the chat function in the bottom left corner of this page or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page. Examples of our work can be found in our ‘Experience’ section here and there are glowing testimonials available throughout our website.

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