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Our industrial services experts in Wigan offer an enviable track record across machinery decommissioning, relocation, assembly and installation. Our project managers can help you plan and implement your lift and shift project, developing a bespoke method statement and risk assessment to ensure your project runs smoothly and safely and completes on time. From the most complex of factory removals, through to a one-off equipment installation requirement, our Wigan lift and shift team is here to help, anywhere in the North West or North Wales.

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    If you need an industrial services company in the North West, our Wigan depot is here to help.

    Our Wigan depot is part of our HQ and can offer a substantial fleet of vehicles and lifting equipment to tackle any machinery lifting, machinery removals, factory relocation, equipment installation or site decommissioning project. The wide variety of lifting and moving equipment at our North West industrial services branch in Wigan is complemented by a team of experienced lift and shift project managers and industrial services professionals, including machinery movers, equipment installation specialists, factory dismantling experts and mechanical and electrical engineers. Our Wigan branch is a trusted industrial services specialist for our customers across the North West and North Wales, providing a rapid response with lift and shift services for a huge variety of projects and customers.

    The North West is a heartland  for the UK’s manufacturing industries and is home to some of the country’s biggest, internationally-recognised brands. Our Wigan lift and shift teams support manufacturers and industrial processing companies across this rich commercial landscape, providing experienced personnel and specialist lifting equipment with a fast turnaround and meticulous approach to project planning and health and safety.

    Our Wigan lift and shift team works closely with a number of the North West’s food and drinks manufacturers, providing an agile machinery lifting and moving service to help them optimise efficiency, minimise downtime and manage maintenance schedules. Our Wigan team understands the importance of maximising throughput and maintaining hygiene standards in food and drink manufacturing and processing environments, and we are experienced in planning machinery installations, decommissioning, removals and relocations in demanding manufacturing facilities. We work with our customers to plan their lift and shift projects around their operational, commercial and SHEQ requirements, taking into account any business-as-usual and operational continuity requirements. Where lift and shift projects need to be completed during scheduled factory shut downs to enable maintenance, new equipment installation or factory reconfiguration, for example, we work with food and drink manufacturers to create a detailed critical path to ensure the required scope of works can be delivered within the defined timeframe.

    Amongst the other sectors we support with lifting, moving and industrial services in the North West and North Wales are the defence and aviation sectors. From the OEMs that supply these sectors to installation, heavy machinery moves and relocation projects for the biggest names in aviation and defence, we have the equipment and expertise to carry out the most challenging of equipment lifting, moving and installation projects.

    Case Studies

    Spirit Aerosystems

    Working within a tight and mission-critical four-day project window, we carried out an Airbus gantry crane relocation project, involving removal, relocation, re-installation and commissioning.

    The five-person team used a 40t mobile crane and jacking system to carry out the project, working out of hours and over a weekend to get the job done safely and on-time with zero incidents.

    Rolls Royce Marine

    This project involved installation of multiple precision engineering machines, including offloading, installation, services and containments and commissioning.

    The AIS Vanguard team was given full security clearance to work independently on site with a team that included a project manager, mechanical and electrical engineers, pipefitters and welders. The project was completed safely and on time with zero incidents.

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