Our branches across the UK provide support to charities with donations to ensure their work can be continually carried out to help people in need. Lending a helping hand is something that gives us immense pride.

Here are just some of the charities we’ve donated to.

These have come purely out of the AIS Vanguard bonus structure which rewards each brand based on the amount of profit made and a percentage of this is then awarded to chosen charities.

British Heart Foundation

We donated in excess of £2,000 to the British Heart Foundation. This money has gone towards supporting pioneering research and deliver life-saving care to help people in need.

Working towards a future without heart disease is a focus for the BHF and helping this charity strive towards this goal has given us immense pride.

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity

We successfully raised £2,032 for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity. In their own words, the money raised and donated helps to ‘shape the future’ by supporting the treatment, research and care needed for the young patients in the hospital.

They help to purchase specialist equipment to diagnose and provide treatment, create child-friendly environments and increase the knowledge and understanding of children’s illnesses and the optimum way to treat them.

Alzheimer’s Research UK – Leyland

Another charity we fundraised for was Alzheimer’s Research UK. We donated a total of £1,405 to help fund pioneering research for preventions, treatments and a cure for dementia.

Continual Charity Work

These are just a small handful of the charities we’ve helped by donating to. As we continue to grow, we’re continuing to help more and more charities up and down the UK by our branches to provide further help for those still in need.