We have a strategic partnership with Crowdguard – the first line of defence in temporary event security and public realm safety solutions.

Crowdguard was set up by our CEO Matt Ainscough and his wife, Deborah Ainscough, in response to the increased threat posed by vehicle attacks within the UK and Europe. Acts of terrorism across our continent are headline news and have maimed or killed hundreds of people, with attacks targeting open spaces and events where crowds gather and vehicles can be used as weapons against the public. The UK Government openly recognises such crowded places as ‘soft targets’ and practical measures are needed to ensure public safety.

In the UK, Crowdguard are leading the market with solutions for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) using effective products offering innovative design, quality build and rigorous testing. The success of the solutions provided by Crowdguard encompasses the products and their deployment because integrity of installation is essential in the effectiveness of HVM measures. Deployment needs to be efficient, precise, and without disruption.

With our 40 years’ experience and expertise within the equipment moving and handling industry, we were the first choice partner for Crowdguard for the efficient and precise installation of the Surface Guard system, with minimal disruption.

This strategic partnership ensures performance of the HVM product is never compromised, ensuring safety excellence and professional service are delivered every time, in coordination with counter-terrorism, policing and event security.

The partnership between AIS Vanguard and Crowdguard aims to set new standards for HVM installation to match the quality of the HVM product.  The threat to public safety and people’s freedom from terror risks means that expert HVM installation should always be a priority.

AIS Vanguard offers Crowdguard our national network and transport, thereby ensuring we can deploy HVM efficiently anywhere in the UK, thanks to our highly skilled workforce.

That combined capability enables local and short-term events, stadiums, venues, music festivals or any other crowded places to be secured effectively.

Why use Crowdguard?

Quick Deployment

Closure of roads and access points can be costly and inconvenient. Crowdguard can secure an average road width in just under 30 minutes. Keeping access points operational for longer.

Authorised Access

We can provide authorised vehicle entry points which can be lowered in less than 30 seconds allowing access for emergency vehicles. These access points are reinforced to cope with large, heavy vehicles.

Innovative Design

Using ATG’s pioneering SurfaceGuard, our barriers are modular in design allowing the flexibility to secure any type of road and space. It can be installed over kerbs, central reservations, against walls, around street furniture, trees or steps making it the most versatile solution in temporary security.

Aesthetically Pleasing

SurfaceGuard has been designed to blend in with the environment; with pedestrians being able to physically walk through, they are given free ease of movement without feeling ‘caged’ in.

Lightweight and Robust

Surface Guard is light and easily stacked and moved enabling quick and efficient deployment with no need for heavy machinery.


Surface Guard has been tested in accordance with the IWA 14 impact test standard and successfully arrested a 2,500kg vehicle travelling at 30mph and a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 32kph.