At AIS Vanguard, we own a fleet of our own equipment, which helps us get the job done right first time, every time.

Our equipment allows us to carry out even the heaviest, most complex and technical lifts safely and efficiently.

Selecting the right equipment for each project is a critical element of project planning and the variety in our fleet means we can work around any site-specific challenges, providing flexible solutions for your relocation and installation project.

Our clients trust us because our machinery lifting equipment is so varied and well-maintained, ensuring every job runs smoothly.

Our offering includes:

  • Capacity to lift up to 1,000 tonnes using our Megalift Jacking Systems
  • Hydraulic rams on all our Megalift Jacking Systems
  • Safety cam lock offs on our Megalift JS450 & JS130
  • Non-return valves to ensure complete stability and safety during the lifting operation on our Megalift JS40, JS100, JS400 A&B and JS1000
  • The flexibility of running on either diesel or gas for our Megalift JS1000, JS400 A&B and JS 100 systems
  • Valla cranes from 2t to 11t capacity
  • Franna pick & carry cranes 14t capacity
  • Hydraulic gantry systems
  • Versalifts
  • Varied machine relocation equipment, including skates, slings and chains

To find out more about our heavy machinery lifting equipment fleet, contact us.