Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

We specialise in conducting large, multi-disciplined projects where we work with strategic partners with mechanical and electrical Engineering. With over 40 years specialising in moving heavy equipment, machinery relocation and installation, it’s safe to say that we’re the experts in our field.

We cover a broad range of industries, from pharmaceuticals and food, to automotive and aerospace. But we’re not an industry leader because of the sectors we cover, we also stand out because of our reputation. We are well-known for being a trusted supplier, who can always deliver on time and within budget. Our skilled team are also known for being highly experienced, so they can always advise our customers on next steps.

What’s more, our far-reaching branches across the UK are always ready to help customers. Our national reach means that we have the capabilities and resources on hand for our customers.

Lastly, we stand out because of our impeccable dedication to health, safety and quality. Our staff constantly undergo health and safety training and we stick to robust procedures that guarantee quality.

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Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years’ experience in the industry.
  • Qualified staff within mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • Fully Integrated M&E services capability.
  • Professional capital equipment installations with turnkey project expertise.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of secondary and field service connections to machinery.
  • Connection, disconnection and safe isolation on production line moves.
  • Incoming low voltage power distribution upgrades associated with incoming machinery load requirements – advice and installation.
  • Control panel and distribution board offload and installation.
  • 17th and 18th edition wiring regulations – Qualified electricians.
  • NICEIC Members.
  • All types of associated process and secondary pipework to machinery – Hydraulic and pneumatic.
  • Matchmarking of all mechanical and electrical connections for machinery relocation projects
  • High Voltage and large or complex fabrications are managed by us using our specialist and long-standing supply chain partners as part of our ISO9001 quality management systems.

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