Industrial equipment movers with a global reach.

AIS EURELO is a joint venture between AIS Vanguard and EURELO TECH; industrial equipment movers with specialist expertise in complex international relocations.

Headquartered in Poland and Germany, with resources located across Europe, the company selects the right expertise and equipment from its wealth of professional experience and wide-ranging fleet, tailoring each project to meet the commercial, operational and safety requirements of the customer.

Services provided by AIS EURELO include factory relocations, asset realisation, reshoring, asset rationalisation, machinery removals and installations, complex and technical lifting operations, industrial mechanical and electrical services and logistics. The company’s capabilities also include turnkey construction and CDM services, planned and implemented by a dedicated team.

Serving all industrial sectors, AIS EURELO provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective service to support customers in any European location, across European borders and anywhere in the world.

AIS EURELO services include:

  • Factory and production line relocation
  • Machinery removal, relocation and installation
  • Heavy, complex and technical lifting
  • Mechanical and electrical services
  • Logistics
  • Storage
  • Reshoring & Shipping
  • Asset Realisation
  • CDM services
  • Mechanical & electrical engineering

The team operates out of a total of ten locations in the UK, Germany and Poland,  supporting businesses across all European countries including Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and many more.

The team specialises in the planning and implementation of the movement of machinery and assets on a national, international and global scale. They also provide storage facilities for dormant or completely redundant machinery, pending redeployment, sale or disposal.

Their company’s international customer base is as broad as its geographical reach and includes a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing sectors, including automotive, food and drink, energy, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, defence, warehousing & logistics and OEM.