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Accelerating Your Business with a Factory Relocation

We’re proud to be on the UK’s leading factory relocation specialists. Both our full turnkey and singular services are led by our highly skilled experienced team who ensure professionalism and a smooth transition during all factory relocation projects.

Changes within manufacturing demand may result in the need to completely relocate your business. We realise factory relocations can cause significant disruption to production timescales and overall output, but for factory relocations, we can confidently say the benefits outweigh the risks.

We explore how a successful factory relocation could help you accelerate your business.

More Capacity

Relocating your business to a larger facility provides you with more room to increase production and overall output. By doing this, your company will be better placed to ensure you can keep up with growing consumer demands across the market.

This is something we were proud to help Aggregate Industries Quarries with.

Closer to Your Supply Chain

It’s important to always think of every eventuality when it comes to your operations. Considering whether it would be more beneficial to be closer to your customers and have a wider supply chain is always a great place to start.

By having a closer proximity to both your customers and supply chain, you’ll help improve your overall service for customers, significantly reduce load times on products and services and save significantly save on transportation, distribution and storage costs.

All of these factors could essentially provide your company with an edge on your competitors.

Improved Infrastructure

Relocating to a factory or location may put you closer to better transport networks links, including motorways, regional and national hubs and rail depots too. Ensuring you’re within reach for customers and suppliers will only help increase output for your company.

Factory Relocation Ready

A factory relocation is a big undertaking and needs to be considered carefully to ensure the most efficient way to relocate without compromising production and output.

Talk to us about how we can help relocate your operations today to help accelerate your business. Call 01257 411111 or fill out our Contact Form and we’ll be in touch.

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Highlight the Importance of Expert Logistics Partners

The Backing Britain 2020 Live events have provided some interesting insights from a wide variety of industry experts and one of the keynote speakers, Andrew Boothroyd, head of logistics, engineering and future solutions at McLaren, had some interesting points to raise on manufacturing and logistics challenges.

Andrew’s keynote speech discussed the ways in which manufacturers had to adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic and the critical nature of the speed of response, particularly for the Ventilator Challenge. He discussed how companies of all kinds had to work together to rise to the challenge of supplying ventilators for the National Health Service’s Covid-19 response, giving an example of a components manufacturer that had component production-ready to roll by Sunday evening, having only received the request on Saturday afternoon. The component manufacturer than ran a three-shift operation, adapting its usual routines and processes to provide the items needed within a short space of time, without compromising on quality and consistency.

As Andrew said during his speech, it’s all about responsiveness, which is a philosophy that lies at the heart of our business here at AIS Vanguard. Many of the challenges for manufacturers he discussed in his speech, around adapting production processes and layouts, were operational concerns that we were able to help with during the pandemic. And our expertise, safety planning, lifting capabilities, M&E resources and logistics provision mean that we are still busy helping manufacturers to adapt as their business changes and they respond to their own customers.

Andrew also shared the challenges that faced McLaren when the pandemic told hold across Asia and Australia just before the Australian Grand Prix. With people, equipment and vehicles stranded in Australia, supply chains halted due to lockdowns, and mission-critical parts needed urgently, working with a logistics partner that could rise to the unprecedented challenges was essential.

Although these circumstances are quite exceptional, moving assets across borders to time-critical deadlines is part of what AIS Vanguard does for clients on a routine basis. During the COVID-19 crisis, we have been involved a wide range of re-shoring and asset move projects and, once again, that work is ongoing.

In response to a delegate question, Andrew also touched upon the considerations that Brexit throws up for British manufacturers, with uncertainty around moving assets, exports, and imports of components or materials. His response was very clear: manufacturers will need to depend on logistics partners with proven expertise in customs and moving assets across borders. His advice was to allow logistics partners to support robust procedures and that’s exactly what we do for our customers. Our teams are able to co-ordinate the movement of assets with our customers’ operational and commercial requirements, factoring in local compliance and documentation, to ensure the movement of assets runs smoothly and to an agreed timeline.

It’s always interesting to hear the perspective of a leading manufacturer and we’re delighted to have had the opportunity to hear these insights from a leader that works for one of the UK’s most iconic manufacturing brands.

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How Crowdguard Technology is helping Social Distancing

A year since partnering with Crowdguard, the technology developed to deter terrorist attacks is now ensuring social distancing

This July marks one year since we began our partnership with Crowdguard, an innovative, award-winning surface guard product which ensures public safety against the threat of hostile vehicles. A short year ago however, we could not have foreseen how Crowdguard would become an important tool used by city centres in the fight against Covid-19.

Like many UK enterprises demonstrating adaptability since the onset of the pandemic, Crowdguard’s solutions are now employed for very different purpose than originally envisioned – namely, ensuring social distancing in pedestrianised zones within towns and cities.

If you’ve strode through a city centre in the UK during the past few months, you may very well have spotted the pedestrian and bike-friendly structures, and perhaps even passed through one yourself.

The permeable, temporary event security panels are modular and lightweight, and can be fitted securely to any type of road and space. These qualities, combined with the ability to raise and lower the barriers within 30 seconds for the passage of emergency vehicles, make them a flexible and effective tool for promoting social distancing and crowd control.

Amid a rise in walking and cycling by commuters in city centres including Manchester and London, the barriers will play an important role in helping consumers to feel safe and secure as they travel to work, shop or dine out.

Thus Crowdguard is helping local authorities to make the key changes quickly in support of safe movement within cities, measures which will be essential to economic recovery post-lockdown as high-street businesses across the country struggle to bounce back.

About Crowdguard

Founded by our CEO Matt and wife Deborah Ainscough, Crowdguard provides a market-leading solution in the field of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), delivering effective products which benefit from innovative design, quality build and rigorous testing.

Crowdguard was developed in response to the growing threat to public safety posed by vehicle ramming attacks in the UK and Europe, such as the Westminster Bridge and Nice attacks, and is a practical measure put in place to protect crowded places and throughout the duration of celebratory events, considered by the government to be ‘soft targets’.

Matt said: “When Crowdguard was created in April 2019 in response to the risks posed from hostile vehicles at crowded events it was always the intention to use the skills and infrastructure of AIS Vanguard to facilitate the logistics of this critical equipment. 

“It’s been a busy time and following successful deployment at numerous public events Covid-19 hit in March and Crowdguard evolved to then assist in town and city centre attempts to create more pedestrianised space. 

“AIS and Crowdguard are both forward-thinking businesses aiming to offer the very best service to their respective clients and I look forward to seeing both businesses prosper together in the coming years.”

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A Huge Thank You to Our SUPER-6

A Huge Thank You to Our SUPER-6

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many things. One of the key lessons learned is that heroes come in all shapes and sizes…and a huge array of job roles.

Amongst those on the frontline of keeping the country moving – in more ways than one – during the pandemic has been our team of HGV Drivers. Dedicated and committed to getting the job done, regardless of the challenges involved, our team of Paul Oxborrow, Peter Bolshaw, Wesley Smith, Mark Robinson, Paul Brown and Ken Woods are now affectionately known as the SUPER-6 here at AIS Vanguard, thanks to their central role in delivering projects during lockdown.

Not only was this team key to our ability to deliver time-critical, complex and diverse projects across the country during lockdown, they were also involved in mobilising the Nightingale Field Hospitals. We were part of the integrated team that transformed events spaces into hospitals within days across the UK, and our SUPER-6 team of drivers were at the sharp end of that challenge, with responsibility for delivering the right assets to the right place, aligned to a time-sensitive programme.

It’s impossible to overstate how proud the company is of the way in which the whole AIS Vanguard team has stepped up and approached the crisis with a can-do attitude so that we could continue to keep our promises to our customers.

Our HGV drivers have taken a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done, day-in-day-out, week after week during lockdown. They have worked far away from home, and often over weekends where necessary, to get the job done safely and on time. They’ve consistently gone the extra mile, not just for the Nightingale Hospital projects, but for every job that needed our involvement. Thanks to our SUPER-6, production equipment has been moved from A to B to keep supply chains running, contributing to the whole national effort; from hospitals to supermarket shelves.

Factory Relocation Services Bristol UK

The success of AIS Vanguard has always been built on teamwork; amongst the interdisciplinary team we employ and across the collaborative partnerships with clients. It’s been inspiring to see just how embedded that culture, driving our team to give their all to support our customers and our colleagues during the challenging times of COVID-19.

It’s clear that the ‘new normal’ will continue to require an agile approach and can-do mindset and our SUPER-6 have proved that they have those attributes in spades. On behalf of our colleagues, our leadership team and our clients, we want to say thank you to all six of them, we are very proud of what you’ve achieved.

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Planning for Recovery in the Manufacturing Sector

As some of the countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic begin to ease their economies out of lockdown conditions and talk turns to exit strategies, manufacturers also need to plan how to transition from shut-down to operational status

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COVID-19 and AIS Vanguard’s Support

There is no mistaking, we’re in a period of real uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, collectively, we’ll rise to the challenge and emerge from it smarter and more thoughtful as an entire retail-focused community.

The team want to express their thanks and appreciation for the retailer, brand and supply partners across the globe. Those on the front line who are delivering incredible service meeting the demands of worried customers. To employees in grocery and retail stores who are on the front line serving the public; and those working in logistics departments who are running at full capacity to help keep shelves stocked, we thank you.

Support During COVID-19

Here at AIS Vanguard we continue to support our retail, supply and branded clients to ensure we get the packs to shelf as fast as possible.

Our multi-site, national locations ensure we have the flexibility and resources to reallocate staff should the need arise. Continued investment in technology, systems and our people enable us to operate as normal. Our team also have the necessary equipment and support to work from home or remotely from site. This will not compromise levels of service. We also have the technology in place to replace in-person meetings with video conferencing, thereby preventing any unnecessary travel.

All site operations will continue so long as our clients allow activity. Please be assured we are fully co-operative with government guidelines on handwashing, safe distance and will adhere to any site rules adopted to deal with the risk.

The health and safety of our team, clients, supply chain and other stakeholders – including their families and friends – remains our number one priority. Together with delivering the very best service to our clients on or off-site.

Implementing Further Measures

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 evolves, we are continuing to monitor the latest advice from Government and are implementing multiple preventative measures.

We must come together to support one another during this time and if you have any questions or requirements for any of the services attached, please do not hesitate to contact us AIS Vanguard.

We are all in this together.


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Introducing Our New London Branch

We are pleased to introduce the launch of our latest London branch! With AIS Vanguard locations now in Glasgow, Washington, Wigan, Rotherham, Birmingham, Bristol and our new South East base in London, we can offer national coverage backed up with local knowledge.

CEO Matt Ainscough is excited to share the news “In line with our strategy to expand our geographic footprint for our machine moving business AIS Vanguard, we are delighted to be operating from a base in the Southeast where we believe there to be lots of potential in the industrial, infrastructure and construction sectors amongst others.

With AIS Vanguard locations now in Glasgow, Washington, Wigan, Rotherham, Birmingham, Bristol & London we pretty much have most of the UK’s key industrial regions covered and can offer our valued clients the benefits of local knowledge, easy access and low cost due to this structure.”

Mark Picco will be heading up the new London branch with support from General Foreman Paul Bousfield, both pictured with the group CEO.

The new branch can be found at the following address, and full details can be found on our Contact Us page here:

Unit 3B Dentons Wharf,
Mulberry Way,
DA17 6AN


As always, you can keep up with our latest news by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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Planning a Factory Relocation Project

Ainscough Industrial Services is one of the UK’s leading providers of factory relocation, machinery relocation and machinery installation. Our full turnkey service, lead by our highly skilled and experienced team, ensures we maintain a professional and smooth transition during relocation projects – even when production needs to be continued during the process.


New and prospective clients often ask “What do I need to consider when planning this factory relocation?”, so we’ve written up the key things that we consider before tackling a factory relocation project.



A factory relocation of any scale needs careful planning from start to finish. Consider your timescales and the phases the project will need to happen in – our talented project managers and experienced specialists are here to do this for you. Don’t forget to consider your staff and business needs – does production need to continue or can it be halted for the duration of the project? The planning phase is also the best time to begin considering the challenged and risks involved in the project.



With a factory relocation project, good and thorough communication is paramount. There will be many teams within your business that need to be involved including HR, health and safety, quality control and any operational control professionals. The changes being made will also need communicating to all wider teams in your business as a relocation often impacts everyone within the company, from top to bottom.


What is being relocated? 

You will know what needs relocating and where it needs to be relocated to, but it’s not quite that straightforward! That’s where AIS Vanguard steps in. The factory relocation will require a detailed floorplan that covers equipment quantities, equipment identification, sizes and weights, locations of all utilities on the premises (the start and end premises) and any potential obstacles or challenges. These include overhead equipment, structures or cables and any aisles, pits or trenches to navigate.


Update your asset register

Complex projects such as relocations are the perfect time to update your asset register. This gives you peace of mind but also helps the AIS Vanguard team to complete a seamless factory relocation that ticks all of the boxes. Check the condition of all equipment prior to the project and tag every piece with some method of identification, ensuring it matches your asset register. Once this is done, add in as much detail as possible about the condition of the equipment and any requirements for the handling of it.


Operations and Commitments 

A factory relocation can have a huge impact on your day to day operations and your commitments to clients. Be sure to plan ahead and set expectations around potential delays and predicted lead-times to avoid conflict by updating your supply chain on your planned relocation.


Ainscough’s dedicated project managers will be on hand to offer advice and suggestions to ensure the project is completed with efficiency and places as few constraints as possible on your business. Every major relocation comes with unique challenges but with over forty years’ experience, we have the skills and expertise to ensure the move is carried out efficiently and safely, ensuring your business can transition without any snags.


Ainscough Industrial Services is the perfect choice for any heavy machine removal or relocation; whether it’s a single machine removal or an entire factory relocation, we are happy to help.


Examples of our factory and machine removal and relocation projects include: 

Nippon Express

Zarafa Group

Arcadia Spectacular (Glastonbury Festival)

Brymor Construction

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Second RoSPA Gold Health and Safety Award for Ainscough Industrial Services

Ainscough Industrial Services Ltd has been handed another prestigious health and safety award in recognition of its practices and achievements in helping its staff get home safely at the end of the working day. Ainscough Industrial Services has achieved a Gold once again in the internationally-renowned RoSPA Health and Safety Awards, the longest-running industry awards scheme in the UK!

Turnkey lift-and-shift engineering solutions business Ainscough Industrial Services is made up of; AIS Vanguard (previously Ainscough Vanguard, Pickford Vanguard and Vanguard Engineering) which covers all aspects of mechanical engineering, heavy lifting, and machinery installation/removal; AIS Seward Wyon which designs, manages complex and heavy fabrication and tests/installs/services and repairs bespoke equipment to industry; AIS Projects which undertakes large multi-disciplined projects across the UK and Europe and AIS Wind Energy which specialises in the installation, removal and maintenance of onshore wind turbines and currently operates in the UK and internationally.

The RoSPA Awards scheme, which receives entries from organisations around the world, recognises achievement in health and safety management systems, including practices such as leadership and workforce involvement.

Bev Kearns, Group Operational Compliance Coordinator of AIS, said: ‘It’s a great achievement to be awarded the gold award, for the second year running, showing the group’s commitment to ensuring our clients, contractors and employees make it home safely at the end of each day.’

Julia Small, RoSPA’s head of qualifications, awards and events, said: “The RoSPA Awards have become the key fixture in the health and safety calendar with new sponsors and new awards this year including the Leisure Safety Awards, the Safe@Work Safe@Home Award and the Inspiration Awards. Highly-respected, with almost 2,000 entrants every year, RoSPA award winners benefit from the wide-ranging rewards of improved sector reputation.”

The majority of awards are non-competitive and mark achievement at merit, bronze, silver and gold levels. Gold medals, president’s awards, orders of distinction and the Patron’s Award are presented to organisations sustaining the high standards of the gold level over consecutive years.

Competitive awards go to the best entries in 24 industry sectors including construction, healthcare, transport and logistics, engineering, manufacturing and education.

There are specialist awards for health at work, environmental management and fleet safety, and excellence trophies for the best international, new entry, workforce involvement and organisation operating or based in Scotland. RoSPA’s top accolade is the Sir George Earle Trophy.

Headline sponsor of the RoSPA Awards 2019 is NEBOSH – the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health – for the 14th consecutive year.

The business Headquartered at Standish near Wigan, Ainscough Industrial Services also has bases in Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leyland, Liverpool, London, Washington and Wigan.

For more information about the RoSPA Awards visit

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AIS Takes Over Wind Project Support Limited

We are pleased to announce that as of 5th July 2019 AIS has completed the takeover of newly formed business Wind Project Support Limited, based in Liverpool.

Ainscough Industrial Services (AIS), is one of the UK’s largest privately-owned industrial engineering companies and supports three subsidiary businesses; AIS Vanguard Ltd; AIS Projects and AIS Seward Wyon Ltd providing engineering services to industry covering Machinery Installation and Relocation, Mechanical Engineering, Technical and Heavy Lifting and Engineering Consultancy & Contracting.

Wind Project Support Limited specialise in the installation, removal and maintenance of onshore wind turbines and currently operate in the UK and internationally.

As of 18thJuly 2019, Wind Project Support will be known as ‘AIS Wind Energy Ltd’, a subsidiary of AIS.

AIS Wind Energy Ltd, will remain autonomously run by Andrew McGlade and Piotr Jaskierski-Bula and will operate in a similar way to AIS’ other Group subsidiary companies in being a business unit as part of our group.

From the takeover, we hope to create a number of both onshore and offshore opportunities, similar to past successful projects, using existing skills and capabilities from across our group, giving us an even stronger presence across the UK and Europe.

“For our customers this is a positive step forward which guarantees both financial stability and the ability to meet our customers’ needs with greater speed and efficiency due to the ability to rely on the support of the back office of the wider AIS group.” says Andrew Mcglade, Director,

Please join us in welcoming Andrew and Piotr and the team in to the AIS Group.