At AIS Vanguard, we understand that the aerospace industry requires the utmost excellence in engineering services. Our experienced teams and specialist lifting equipment can assist in a range of ways; from the movement of a single machine for maintenance, dismantling, relocation, reinstallation or complete replacement, to the installation of new manufacturing equipment.

We can complete complex lifts in problematic areas, such as confined spaces or premises struggling with limited access, restricted floor bearings, or overhead obstructions, allowing production to continue without delay. We build our solution around your problem, every time.

How we helped Spirit Aerospace

Our team were trusted by Spirit Aerospace to complete a full gantry crane lift and relocation.

The Airbus Hanger previously contained two 71 metre span cranes, with the west crane being in a much better condition than the other. Spirit required the east crane to be removed completely to allow the west crane to move along the gantry system, into the area where the east crane previously operated. The majority of the company’s assembly works were also due to take place here for a new order that had been secured.

Once the west crane had been moved into its new position, our team lifted the east crane back onto the rails, tested it and recommissioned it, all within a time frame of just 4 days.