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Considerations for a Successful Factory Relocation

Factory Relocation:

Changes in manufacturing demand may result in the need to completely relocate heavy machinery in either a complete or partial factory relocation. 

Factory relocations and removals can cause major disruption to both production and timescales. We understand lost time leads to less output, so to ensure success, our team always considers the five basic principles.

1. Planning 

Moving a factory of any scale poses various questions for both the client and supplier. 

– What timescales are you working to? 

– What phases of the project need to happen when? 

– Can production continue during the relocation? 

– Are there any risks we need to consider? 

Right from phase one, our Project Managers are on hand to help provide all the answers to ensure a seamless, streamlined move. 

2. Take Stock 

Clients need to identify all the equipment that requires relocating. However, we appreciate it’s not as easy as just writing a list. 

During phase two, the AIS Vanguard team creates a detailed floor plan that covers equipment quantities, equipment identification, sizes, weights, locations of all utilities on the premises and any potential obstacles or challenges that may arise. 

These include overhead equipment, structures or cables and any aisles, pits or trenches to navigate. 

3. Updating Your Asset Register 

A factory relocation is the perfect time to update your asset register. By checking the condition of and identifying all equipment prior to the move. This is something that our team advises you on – if required – to provide you with full peace of mind. 

4. Operations 

Factory relocations can have a massive impact on day to day operations. It’s therefore crucial to plan ahead and set expectations around potential delays and predicted lead-times to avoid any conflict by keeping your supply chain informed.

Our team’s experience means we offer guidance at every stage so you can be as transparent with your stakeholders. 

5. AIS Vanguard’s Promise 

Our dedicated project managers are on-hand throughout to ensure relocations are completed as efficiently as possible. Every major move has its unique challenges but with over forty years’, first-hand experience we have the skills and expertise to ensure the move is carried out swiftly and safely. 

This ensures your business can transition with as little disruption to output as possible. 

Moving Factory Machinery

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