The New Year is traditionally a time for new beginnings and that’s just as true in industrial settings as it is for those who make a mental note of resolutions every year. Often, those industrial fresh starts involve substantial activity over the Christmas shutdown period, with new machinery installation taking place at this time, ready to hit the ground running when the first shift begins again in January.

Machinery Installation to Prepare for Change

Machinery installation is always a focus for the Christmas shutdown period as industrial operators use this scheduled downtime to introduce new assets and carry out any modifications required to the layout or building services. This year, however, planning machinery installation for this period has never been more critical. Following the upheaval and altered commercial landscape prompted by the pandemic in 2020, the UK will complete the Brexit transition period on 1 January 2021, creating new challenges and opportunities. As a result, it’s the ideal time to realise any plans to diversify, enhance productivity or increase capacity by installing new equipment or replacing existing machinery.

Ensuring Machinery Installations Go to Plan During the Christmas Shutdown

Ideally, any machinery installation required during the Christmas shutdown period should be planned as far in advance as possible and as much of the groundwork should be done in advance to maximise the value of the available downtime.

Our experienced team work with clients to plan their machinery installation projects, developing a method statement and risk assessment in advance and understanding the technical and operational requirements of the project. This may include diversions or upgrades to mechanical and electrical services, preparation of foundations and footings, floor preparations and positioning checks and drilling and preparation of floor fixings.

It is also not uncommon for temporary modifications to be needed to the building to enable access for machinery installation. Once again, this needs to be factored into the schedule for the machinery installation project and there is potential for this essential preparation work to be carried out in advance of the shutdown while the facility remains operational.

Another key area of planning for machinery installation during the Christmas shutdown is arranging the logistics and the resources required for the installation programme. As this is a key time for maintenance and logistics, booking transport and ensuring the right personnel with the skills and experience needed are available are essential elements of a successful project.

An Integrated Service for Machinery Installations

Thanks to the interdisciplinary expertise within our in-house team and our national fleet of vehicles and specialist lifting equipment, AIS Vanguard has the resources to plan, co-ordinate and implement machinery installations during the Christmas shutdown.

We can handle the whole machinery installation project with full CDM management, including risk assessment and method statement, logistics, lifting, mechanical and electrical connections, testing and pre-commissioning and commissioning. Our team can provide a critical path, aligned to your deadline and operational requirements to help you make the most of your Christmas shutdown for machinery installation and begin the year ahead ready to maximise your potential.