The past year saw tough commercial and operational conditions across many industrial sectors, leading to some difficult decisions to mothball machinery and reduce capacity. For some of those affected, the best strategy for maintaining profitability is rationalisation. As operators begin to adopt longer term plans for maximising the potential outcomes of economic recovery and tackle the uncertainty of Brexit, AIS Vanguard can help with rationalisation programmes that minimise disruption and prevent business interruption.

Helping Operators to Plan

Rationalisation programmes can deliver significant commercial and operational benefits but effective planning is essential to ensure business continuity is maintained while machinery is taken offline, removed or reconfigured. Sometimes, the project may involve removing a whole process or decommissioning an entire building. Others, it may require the removal of a production line in a live facility or the removal of specific assets on a busy factory floor.

At AIS Vanguard, we prefer to work with customers from the very beginning of the rationalisation planning process so that we can understand both the aims and the challenges of the project. In this way, our customers can leverage our team’s experience of similar rationalisation programmes to anticipate any issues before they arise and maximise operational efficiency during every phase of the project.

Our experts will create a critical path, ensuring any building services diversions, access and egress considerations, and reconfiguration requirements are fully factored into the programme. With a dedicated project manager to oversee the project, including all risk assessment, health and safety and CDM management requirements, we take a meticulous approach to planning every aspect of your rationalisation need.

Technical and Complex Heavy Machinery Lifting

With a plan in place, we bring together the right expertise from our multi-disciplinary team to deliver your rationalisation project.

Our experienced mechanical and electrical engineers carry out any service diversions and isolations required, before disconnecting and decommissioning the redundant asset. Having made any temporary access and egress modifications to the building, our team will then deploy the correct equipment from our diverse fleet of lifting equipment and vehicles, to remove the machine from the premises.

Often, rationalisation projects involve the removal of assets from a live industrial environment and maintaining business as usual operating conditions is a fundamental requirement of the project. Our expertise means that our clients trust us to overcome these challenges, even for the most complex and technical lifts. With our skills and deployment of the right equipment, we can remove heavy machinery while ensuring the safety of all personnel and the condition of the asset.

Logistics and Storage for Your Rationalisation Programme

Once machinery has been safely removed from your facility, we can transport the assets to wherever they need to be, whether that involves being broken down for scrap, put into storage to await sale or delivered to their new owner. We can even provide your secure storage requirements if needed.

Our in-house fleet and international network also ensure that we can transport the assets to their destination anywhere in Europe, or beyond, as part of a turnkey approach to rationalisation planning and delivery.