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A Day in the Life of… Our Credit Controller!

We pride ourselves on offering complete turnkey solutions for the movement and reinstallation of heavy equipment, machinery and other apparatus including technical lifting, project management and electrical support. However, the day to day running of all of these services across our numerous branches requires the help and dedication of every single employee! So, we’re shining the spotlight on various members of the team in our ‘A Day in the Life of…’ series to give you some insight into the brains and brawn behind our operations.

This week we’re nosey-ing into a typical day in the life of Jill Swift, Credit Controller at our Wigan branch.

What is a typical day?

“After making the first brew of the day…

I record bank receipts on our accounting system, update our money due-in list and chase customers that have not paid on that specific day. I then look at any CRM enquiries that have come in, set up new clients on Synergist and Sage, follow up any pending credit insurance decisions and notify relevant persons of any credit changes which will affect clients credit limits. After all of that, I work on urgent enquiries over the phone from branches so that quotations can be released to customers promptly. Overall, I spend my time managing all 5 companies’ debtors ledger and oversee over 400 current customers plus prospects and new clients.

Whilst doing all that I have my credit control hat on, reviewing group debtors and contacting clients to ensure invoices are received and approved to ensure payment is made on time.

In between all of the above, I probably drink another four cups of coffee, too!”

What does she enjoy most about the role?

“The satisfaction of chasing difficult debts and seeing the results on a daily basis. I also enjoy the relationships and communications with our customers and colleagues within the group.”

What are the biggest challenges she faces in the roles?

“Currently, the biggest challenge is chasing retentions on the ledger, I feel that the big achievement is understanding the many different contractual obligations and rules surrounding the industry and then eventually getting the money in.”

A big thank you to Jill for squeezing a chat with us into her very busy day!

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