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A Day in the Life of…Our Operational Compliance Co-Ordinator!

We pride ourselves on offering complete turnkey solutions for the movement and reinstallation of heavy equipment, machinery and other apparatus including technical lifting, project management and electrical support. However, the day to day running of all of these services across our numerous branches requires the help and dedication of every single employee! So, we’re shining the spotlight on various members of the team in our ‘A Day in the Life of…’ series to give you some insight into the brains and brawn behind our operations.

First up is Beverley Kearns, the Operational Compliance Co-Ordinator at our Wigan branch.

What is a typical day for Bev?

“There is no such thing as a typical day or a plan – each day is very fluid. It’s sometimes demanding and takes a lot of organisation, but always (almost) interesting and unexpected.”

What does she enjoy most about the role?

“The unknown! Every day I come in with a plan of what I will achieve, and every day something happens which makes it impossible to achieve what I set out to. When I get to the end of the week and see what I’ve not achieved, I also see another set of achievements which I didn’t even know about at the start of the week. The people are very nice too… mostly!”

What are the biggest challenges she faces in the role?

“Logistics – it’s a massive challenge to organise H&S without meeting in person or seeing what is already in place at Branches, but Zoom helps!”

A big thank you to Bev for taking the time to share a little insight into her daily life at Ainscough Industrial Services, keep your eyes peeled for the rest of our ‘A Day in the Life Of’ series where you’ll get to meet members of the team from our various branches.

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