We’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading providers in factory relocation, alongside multiple other industrial services.

Factory relocation is available to clients as a singular service, or a full turnkey solution, both being led by our highly skilled, experienced team to ensure professionalism and a smooth transition during the relocation.

Prior to a factory relocation taking place, there are various aspects of the project that the client and our team need to consider. We explore these key considerations.

Factory Relocation Planning

A factory relocation requires careful and meticulous planning from start to finish. Considering your timescales and the various phases of the relocation will need to happen.

Our Project Managers and relocation specialists are on hand to do this for you from the start of the project.

At this stage, it’s important you – the client – also consider your staff and your business needs. Does production need to continue or can it be halted? This stage of the project is also the best time to consider any challenges or potential risks that may be involved.


During any project, thorough communication is paramount.

There will be multiple teams within your business that will need to be involved. Some of these include HR, Health and Safety, Quality Control and any operational control professionals.

The changes being made will require communicating to wider staff members too as a relocation project impacts everyone in the company.

What is Being Relocated?

Clients need to know what needs relocating and where it needs to be relocated too… But we’ll admit, this is easier said than done.

This is where the AIS Vanguard team steps in and provides assistance.

Factory relocation projects require a detailed floorplan that covers equipment quantities, equipment identification, sizes and weights, locations of all items on the premises and any potential obstacles or challenges. This may include overhead equipment, structures or cables and any aisles, pits or trenches to navigate.

Updating Your Asset Register

Relocations are the perfect time to update your asset register. This helps to provide peace of mind but also helps our team to complete a seamless factory relocation that ticks all the boxes for you.

Check the condition of all your equipment, prior to the project and tag every piece with some method of identification, ensuring it matches your current asset register. When this is done, provide as much detail as possible about the condition of the asset and any requirements for handling the asset.

Operations and Commitments

Factory relocations can have significant impacts on a business’s day to day operations and commitments to clientele. It’s imperative to plan ahead and manage expectations around any potential delays and predicted lead-times to avoid conflict by updating the supply chain on the planned relocation.

Our dedicated Project Managers will be on hand to offer advice, guidance and suggestions to ensure the project is completed with the utmost efficiency and as few constraints as possible on your business.

Every relocation comes with it’s unique challenges, but with AIS Vanguard’s experience of over 40-years, our teams have the skills and expertise to ensure the move is carried out efficiently, effectively and safely for all involved.

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Planning a factory relocation to ensure everything is taken into consideration is no easy task. AIS Vanguard’s expert team will provide peace of mind that everything is in hand and running smoothly.

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