With the end of the Brexit transition period fast approaching, the Government has extended its Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to support innovation in the industrial sector. AIS Vanguard is here to support manufacturers and operators in heavy industrial settings, such as power and renewables, as they capitilise on those opportunities and invest in upgrading their capabilities.

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund is part of a focus on putting industry at the heart of a robust UK economy, with a commitment to invest £4.7 billion over 4 years to strengthen UK science and business. The aim is to create a catalyst for research and development to tackle some of the biggest issues the world is facing, such as climate change and healthcare, by driving innovation across the supply chain in sectors such as electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Amongst the areas earmarked for investment is robotics. Already widely used in a huge variety of industrial environments, robotics will play an increasingly important role in supporting consistency, automating hazardous processes, increasing capacity and delivering technically complex requirements.

The latest Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund announcement includes a £15 million pot of grants to enable universities, research organisations and businesses to build robots to inspect, maintain and repair nuclear power stations, satellites and wind turbines. Outside of the energy sector, the funding also recognises the potential role of robotics in the post COVID-19 era, including remote operation, contactless delivery and infection-secure movement of hospital beds.

There is huge potential to realise the wide-ranging possibilities for leveraging the benefits of robotics technology in industrial settings. For companies keen to improve productivity, reduce safety risk and drive exceptional quality standards through robotics, facilities will need to be upgraded and existing layouts and processes may need to be revised.

This is where AIS Vanguard can help. Our expertise in delivering complex changes to existing facilities means that we can work collaboratively with your team to redesign the layout of your plant, either by reconfiguring your assets on the same footprint, or by helping you optimise an extended building. We can decommission, lift, move and reconnect existing machinery and equipment and we can also install and commission new robotics capabilities, with a complete mechanical and electrical service.

Our experience means we can work with you as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, including full CDM management, to provide a turnkey package, whether you’re incorporating robotics into your plant for the first time, or upgrading to enhance your capabilities.

2020 has been a period of unprecedented uncertainty for everyone and, from keeping the lights on to getting food to our tables, the industrial sectors have been at the frontline. Technology has been central to helping us overcome the obstacles of the pandemic and will continue to play a pivotal role in addressing both the commercial priorities and the global challenges that lie ahead. Robotics will be an increasingly important part of the technological solution to productivity, resilience and commercial advantage and AIS Vanguard is the ideal partner to help you plan and implement your robotics strategy.