Ainscough Industrial services helped the local Standish community with the erection of the community 5 metre living Christmas Tree in the centre of the village in front of St Wilfreds Church.
The tree was delivered to our Wigan branch where it was then transferred to the back of one of our Hiabs and driven to the church. On arrival the Ainscough team then carefully lifted the tree over the church wall and into it’s final position on the village green.

The tree was very generously bought for the community by the Joseph Holt brewery at a cost over over £2,000, with a crowdfunding campaign by the local residents raising over £1,300 to enable the tree to be fully decorated.

The living tree was organised by the Standish Christmas Decorations Committee, which includes representatives of Standish organisations and councillor Ray Whittingham, which is chaired by Standish Voice committee member Ron Wade.

Ron said: “We would like to give a huge thank you to both Ainscough Industrial Services and Holts Brewery from the community of Standish for their generosity enabling the village to look much more festive this Christmas.”

The official switch on of the Christmas tree lights will take place on the 2nd December in conjunction with the opening of the Standish Christmas market and will be made by the rector of St Wilfreds church.