As a company, we consider ourselves experts in health and safety within machine moving and mechanical engineering amongst other competencies. All Directors of Ainscough Industrial Services have attended the RoSPA Directors Involvement in Health & Safety Course and this has provided the foundation for Leadership of Health and Safety through clear engagement with the overall concepts of Occupational Safety and Health. In late 2017, we redeveloped our Integrated Management System and did a full review and revision of all our procedures which were communicated to the wider team in January 2018. The Integrated Management System is now reviewed 6 monthly by the board and CEO. We have invested time and committed financially to our Health and Safety System at all levels in the business.

Our Integrated Management System has evolved into one of the most important aspects of our business. It is the fulcrum of the organisation and details our policy and processes to the benefit of all our employees as well as clients. We have introduced seven support processes to complement the system and they are broken down into:

  • ASP00 Context of the Organisation
  • ASP01 Human Resources
  • ASP02 Infrastructure
  • ASP03 Product Realisation
  • ASP04 Purchasing
  • ASP05 Operational Control
  • ASP06 QMS Measurement
  • ASP07 Hazard Identification & Control

These support processes underpin the Integrated Management System and are a “go to” to understanding the whole process.

Communicating with the wider workforce is one of the most challenging areas of our business so we have developed a Consultation, Communication & Participation Policy and this document outlines the methodology for Health & Safety engagement with employees. This is available to all personnel via site noticeboards and the company intranet. We also engage with our workers in traditional ways using Toolbox Talks, Safety Bulletins and Briefings to reach out to site-based employees in particular. AIS have introduced bespoke Health & Safety Noticeboards to assist in the communication of essential H&S information to all personnel.  Branch Consultation Meetings are held bi-annually with the specific aim of consulting with site-based personnel who otherwise would not have the opportunity to have any branch input about site-based issues.

A monthly QESH Forum is held and chaired by the Group QESH Manager and attended by all Business Unit Managers with the invitation extended to employees if they so desire. The benefits of our consultation process have included improved productivity from the provision of more suitable work equipment, improvement in worker wellbeing through being able to function more effectively by understanding the process, better awareness of H&S issues through our communication paths and a reduced accident and incident rate at site directly relating to the increased worker involvement.

A USP of the business is the implementation of a 5 Star Point of Work Checklist created in conjunction with the workforce. The Directors of the business were influential in the development of the checklist which was trialled in 2016 as a pilot project and integrated into the business throughout 2017. Considerable investment was required and this was duly and willingly authorised by the Director of Finance. This has proved invaluable as a point of work hazard identification tool and has encouraged operatives to provide a greater level of feedback in regard to H&S. It has also encouraged the use of the “Stop Work Policy” in the event of hazards being identified. We engaged with the workforce in the introduction and design of the checklist which has empowered them to embrace it and actively removed hazards at the point of works.

Some key achievements of the review and redevelopment of the Integrated Management System over the last 12 months are:

  • We were LTI free in the whole of 2018 – nobody was off work due to work-related accidents during the year.
  • Our minor accident rates for 2018 were substantially reduced in comparison to the previous 2 years.
  • We were granted a Gold Award by RoSPA in their Health & Safety Awards in 2018 and were awarded Gold Membership to Constructionline after a robust audit of our Integrated Management System.