If you’ve been searching for machine movers that can help you move a machine within your site or to somewhere else, you’re probably looking for much more than a mobile crane for hire.

When you do an online search for machine movers near me, you’re looking for a local industrial services company that can plan and deliver a turnkey project, but what exactly should you expect from your machine movers?

Here are our top five capabilities you should expect from the machine movers you choose.

1.       Your Machine Movers Should Invest in Understanding the Brief

The first step in ensuring your project runs smoothly and safely is to make sure your machine movers understand the brief. When you search for machine movers near me, you need to be sure that the machine movers you find have the capabilities you need; not just a local presence.

You should expect your machine movers to visit site and gain an understanding of the specific site environment, the location of the machine that needs to be moved and any site-specific safety or logistical considerations. Only then can your machine movers put together a detailed method statement and risk assessment that will form the framework for the project, enabling them to quote for the job.

2.       Your Machine Movers Should Provide a Detailed Critical Path

Not all the work that needs to be done on your project will be the responsibility of your machine movers, there will also be important tasks that your own team needs to undertake to prepare for the arrival of the machine movers on site.

Your machine movers should create a critical path of all activity so that everyone is clear about roles, responsibilities and deadlines. Experienced machine movers have the expertise to anticipate potential challenges that could cause delays and this should be built into the critical path to ensure the project is delivered smoothly, safely, on time and on budget.

3.       Your Machine Movers Should Provide the Right Team and Equipment

It’s important to remember that a search for machine movers near me might provide a local company, but they may not have the in-house expertise or equipment needed to do the job. At AIS Vanguard, we not only have a team of experienced machine movers across seven UK branches, we also have a wholly-owned fleet of moving and lifting equipment. Consequently, we can always provide the right knowledge, skills and equipment, whatever the project involves. This is what you should expect from your machine movers.

4.       You Can Ask Your Machine Movers to Update Your Asset Register

While machine movers are working on site, they can provide much more than lift and shift capabilities. Machinery and equipment moves, decommissioning projects and shutdown periods all provide a great opportunity to update your asset register and your machine movers can help you with this, adding value to the outcomes of your project.

5.       Machine Movers Can Take Full CDM Responsibility

Not all machine movers can take full CDM responsibility, but at AIS Vanguard we can act as principal contractor and principal designer on your project. That means that we can go beyond the activities you might expect from machine movers to carry out temporary modifications to you building for ingress and egress and take health & safety responsibility for all subcontractors involved.

The best machine movers can do much, much more than provide a mobile crane for hire. To find out what else professional machine movers can do, talk to our team.